by Lee Todd Lacks

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released November 19, 2010



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Lee Todd Lacks Portland

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Track Name: Mydas and Pandora
There once lived a mighty sea turtle.
Mydas was his given name.
He was peerless, fearless, flawless,
all he touched remained the same.
Pure green, ultramarine…
Forever and ever, Amen…

There once lived a maid named Pandora,
who shattered the world in a day.
She cracked the Earth open and snatched the insides,
but all that she snatched slipped away.

Someone once told Pandora,
"Great treasures abound far below ground."
So she drilled through the floor
till she finally found
something heartless, heartless, heartless!!

What she finally found set nations to war.
Tapping, tapping, tapping the core...
Too much, too fast, they still wanted more.
Sapping, sapping, sapping the Earth...
never stopping to ask what tomorrow was worth.
Capping, capping, capping the flow...
though the cap had been broken years ago,
Pandora didn’t want to know.

As the Earth was bleeding out
and the water turned thick and black,
every living thing cried,
“Why, Mydas?!! Why?!!
Mydas heard the birds and the fishes,
the turtles and dolphins call,
nearly died as he tried to save them,
but he just couldn’t save them all.

As the Earth was bleeding out,
Pandora hung her head in shame,
and she clung to the mast of a sinking ship
as the ship went down in flames.
Staring at the burning water,
a hundred and five feet below,
she cried, “What have I done?! What have I done?!!”
before she finally let go.

Pandora fell for what seemed like ages
till the ocean broke her fall.
She was drowning, drowning, drowning!!
drowning in her despair.
She sank further and further, faster and faster,
yet she didn’t seem to care.

Mydas wept as he swam through the ruin
for all of the kindred he lost.
Then he saw the girl who had squandered their lives,
without even knowing the cost.
His heart was breaking, breaking, breaking!!
breaking along the sound.

and when Mydas came upon Pandora,
he thought about turning around,
he thought about swimming away that day,
and leaving Pandora to drown.
Then he thought of the birds and the turtles,
dolphins riding upon the waves,
and he cursed his lot, for this wretched girl
was the only one left to save

So, he raced through the burning water,
caught up with her as she fell.
He spoke of new tomorrows
as she collapsed upon his shell.

She didn’t know why he had saved her,
when she had caused so much pain,
still he rose to the surface as fast as he could
so Pandora could breathe again

And away they swam together,
a noble king and a sorrowful maid.
And they drifted along towards the dying sun
as its light began to fade.

Mydas brought her to a lonely island.
He said, “Pandora, here you shall stay,”
and he said nothing more as she stood on the shore,
and watched him swim sadly away.